Selasa, 11 Januari 2011

Trip to Jakarta

brothers and sisters.. :)

Starting last Saturday..
I didn't go to school because I went to Jakarta with my family. The reason why I went to Jakarta because my aunt was stricken with breast cancer. I shall soon see her. And, as long as you know, I've never set foot at all and adventure in Jakarta. So, this week should be appreciated and I will feel the adventure and fun here (For the photos for me over in Jakarta will soon follow. Coming soon, guys!!)
The trip to Jakarta is also quite fun. It's also my first time on an airplane. So, when being in the plane during the journey to Jakarta, I felt like vomiting and fear of heights also had a chance to appear.
But, the plane that my family and I had climbed for an hour delay! Crazy, very long time! In fact, we've been waiting at the airport for 1 hour. Apparently, the aircraft must delay for an hour because of technical errors. Meaning, we have to wait at the airport for two hours. Well.. We like the collection of unemployment which was at the airport. LOL :D
So.. Hey..
We've entered the 4th day were in Jakarta.

On the first day, we headed to Dufan start at 11 a.m. until 7 p.m. Despite starting very long, but I think it is a short time. Because the queue to board a vehicle for very long, long time. It sucks, but I am thankful that had climbed some of my favorite rides. Anything like Halilintar, Rumah Miring, Arung Jeram, Bianglala, Mini Coaster, and many more!! Do I have to remember it and inform in detail to you?? :D
After that, we were invited to eat with uncle and aunt in one of the famous restaurant, D' Cost. The reason why the restaurant was famous for its food and drink was delicious. You have to taste it. Don't forget!!

Entering the second day.. There was a family gathering with other family members at my uncle's house. Very exciting!!

Entering the third day.. Since last Friday we didn't have time to visit SeaWorld and other attractions, so today we to visit it. After from SeaWorld, we got a game named gondola. It's a cable car. As long as you know, when we climbed the gondola, we could see a couple who were riding Gondola as well and they're kissing!! Yes, French kiss!! Ouch!! Is there no other place to do that? In the toilet maybe.. :D After that, we went to Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII). Unfortunately, we enjoy the sights are only briefly because we came to it when the resorts will be closed. "You're late!", said Swipper.

But.. It's okay then. The important thing is I've got a lot of memories here. And, this fourth day I use to break.. And call my boyfriend. LOL :D

Senin, 03 Januari 2011

No matter how big the size of this t-shirt. Most importantly, this t-shirt belongs to my lovely father.

I'm sorry if this picture looks less clear because I took this photo using a camera in my laptop (webcam).

As long as you know, I love to use a t-shirt size is two-fold greater than the actual size of my shirt. Excess using a t-shirt size is that we can feel free to do anything without fuss our t-shirt. However, the lack of using a T-shirt big size is we sometimes look like "drowning in our own t-shirts."

If you want to use it but you feel embarrassed, don't worry. You can use it when:
1. at home
2. when you're relaxing with your friends
3. playing on the beach (sand will not bother you. just relax. trust me.)
4. stay at home brother, grandmother, or other family member (indeed look less polite, but would look better if you also use a pair of long pants)
5. appeared on a stage with a style of "a rock star"

So, it also depends on how you mix 'n match this t-shirt. if you're having trouble finding an appropriate style to wear t-shirts big size, you can see some examples below.

And last..

Sabtu, 01 Januari 2011

When I drink Coca-Cola

 Glek.. Glek.. Hope this will be fine..

 YAIKS!! Too much soda!! :D

 It will be okay..

 Okay.. Whatever!!

I give up..


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