Senin, 27 Desember 2010

Santa Claus hasn't yet come to my house to this day.. even until this moment..



I hope you understand what I desire for this.
but why you don't deliver the goods what I wanted today.
I'm still waiting and still waiting for you.
when I met you, I'll hug you and stroke your beard and say..
"if this is your real beard, sir." :D

however, as long as you know..
don't you mad at me when I actually ask it to you. 
if you're angry, your face will look hideous like this twice.
check this.

Christmas in this year is a very wonderful Christmas. 
but unfortunately 'cause I don't celebrate it in earnest because I just appreciate the Christmas season, 
not celebrated on a large scale to have to go to church with the other. 
hopefully others celebrate Christmas with a beautiful and cheerful like what I expected.

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you want your ex back? here's how (According to Dochi Sadega)

When you first get dumped and the shock wears off, you may do several common things in an effort to get your girl back. The first thing you'll do is try to change her mind. As you fight her on the decision to break up (and your now ex girlfriend gets more and more annoyed), you'll even start to beg and plead her to give things a second chance. A day or two later, you might be writing long love notes, seeking out the perfect Hallmark cards, sending flowers or even small gifts thinking these can buy your way back into your ex's heart. As things progress and you still haven't gotten back together, you might show up at your ex's job, school, or home in an effort to get her to talk to you.

All of these things are terrible ideas, but they're also the most common things men do after losing a girlfriend.

The one thing you might fail to realize is that all of the actions listed above are designed toward making yourself feel better. None of them are geared toward fulfilling your ex's needs or wishes. Men in such a position tend to act toward fulfilling their own needs, when they should be concerned with how their girlfriend feels at the time. Because of this, she's going to become frustrated with everything you do... all while you sit there wondering why nothing you've been doing has made your ex want you back.

When your girlfriend broke up with you, she pushed you away. This is because she's now trying to reconcile her own feelings, and she needs solitude in order to do that. She doesn't want to be influenced by you, at least right now, which is why she doesn't want to hear from you immediately. And even if she offered to "still be friends", this is definitely not the time to be contacting your ex. The more you try to communicate directly after the break up, the worse you're making your chances of ever getting back together with your girlfriend.

Let's take the following two scenarios as a good example of how things should go (and not go):

Scenario #1 - Your girl dumps you, and in trying to get her back you believe the best thing to do is keep in contact with her. After all, you've talked to and seen her every single day all these last weeks and months, so what should be different? You call your ex a few times, send her a couple of emails, and even drop her a text-message or two just to say hello to her.

Since you're not actually asking to get back together with her, you think that all this contact is innocent and okay. In reality though, you're making your ex feel very strange about you. Before long, all your little messages get very annoying to her. She can't possibly miss you, because you're always blowing up her phone. She feels trapped in another smothering type of relationship with you, which is ironic because you're not even dating.

Eventually she stops answering you calls, and this is where you feel her slipping away from you quickly. Maybe your ex girlfriend found someone else? Maybe she's moving on? You fear the worst, so you start showing up where she lives and works to spy on her. When you get caught, you try to justify it by telling her you're only doing it because you love her. You quickly get labeled a stalker ex-boyfriend, which pretty much spells doom for any possible reconciliation you could've had with your ex.

Scenario #2 - Again you get dumped by your girlfriend, but this time you don't resist. Instead of fighting for her to change her mind, you agree with the break up. Wishing her the best, you give your ex one last hug and walk quietly away without a fight. She goes home totally confused, wondering why you didn't at least try to keep your relationship with her.

All the next day, your ex is pretty baffled by what happened... but she shrugs and accepts it. Another day goes by, and then another... without any signs of contact from your end. She checks her messages and there's nothing from you. No missed calls. Not a single email from you either. After a few days of thinking about things, your ex begins to wonder where you are. Did you already move on? Did you find a new girlfriend? Did you even love her in the first place, because with the ease at which you let her go it doesn't seem like you could've cared all that much.

This is when your ex actually begins to miss you, because you haven't been around at all. She's also curious as hell as to what you've been doing. Truth be told, she's also a little fearful that maybe you've already moved way past the relationship... here she is still thinking about things, and you don't appear to be. Your ex will start to believe she needed you a lot more than you needed her, and this is something that's strangely attractive to her. This is when you'll get that not-so-innocent ex girlfriend phone call. How you handle it can be critical to setting up a short meeting or reunion date with your ex.

As you can see, there are very right and very wrong ways to deal with things when a girlfriend ends your relationship. In trying to get back with your ex, you need to know precisely how to handle things. It almost feels like manipulation, but it's not - your ex creates these feelings and longings in her own mind all because of your lack of reaction to her. Understanding how to work these principals are key to making your ex miss and want you again.

Sabtu, 16 Oktober 2010


Hey, this is my BFF. His name is Saga. He will tell you about his story when we're fasting month. Last month.

            “Wa’alaikumsallam... Eh, Fauzan! Tumben pakai jilbab!”
            “Ini bukan jilbab—ini peci, kawan!”
            “Haha. Iya, aku tahu kok. Aku kan cuma bercanda?! Silahkan masuk, Fauzan!”
            Fauzan melepas sepatu Macbeth-nya dan bergegas masuk ke dalam rumahku. Fauzan tampak berbeda dari biasanya. Ia menggunakan busana muslim dan peci. Dan, didalam tas ranselnya terdapat sebuah kitab suci yang diturunkan oleh Allah SWT kepada Nabi Muhammad SAW, yaitu Al- Qur’an. Tidak hanya Fauzan yang tampak berbeda hari ini, kami berempat juga begitu. Oh ya, sebenarnya, seluruh personil band 26 Floors sepakat untuk belajar Baca Tulis Al-Qur’an di rumahku selama bulan puasa ini, loh. Maaf baru bilang sekarang ya. Hehe.
            So, bulan ini kan bulan puasa?! Kami berlima sepakat untuk belajar hal tersebut setiap hari Senin, Rabu, dan Kamis pukul setengah 3 sore—tepatnya di rumahku. Kami memanggil seorang guru ahli Baca Tulis Al- Qur’an untuk mengajarkan kami. Well, daripada menganggur di rumah dan merasakan haus dan lapar melulu, mendingan cari pahala?! Iya tidak?
            Beberapa jam kemudian, waktu telah menunjukkan pukul setengah 5 sore. Pembelajaran Baca Tulis Al-Qur’an telah berakhir. Setelah guru ahli Baca Tulis Al-Qur’an, Ustadz Andhi Syafi’i, berpamitan pulang dan beranjak pergi, kami berlima ngabuburit bareng dengan cara berjalan-jalan mengitari kompleks rumahku. Nama kompleks rumahku adalah Kompleks Perumahan Mojosari Jakarta.
            Ketika di pertigaan jalan, kami bertemu dengan seorang laki-laki yang ternyata adalah tetanggaku. Namanya Kevin. Ia adalah tetangga sebayaku. Kebetulan sekali, ia juga ngabuburit bareng teman-temannya dengan cara yang sama sepertiku dan personil band 26 Floors lainnya. Kami semua langsung berkenalan antara satu dengan yang lainnya. Sambil berkenalan, kami semua asyik mengobrol di sebuah taman yang letaknya masih berada di Kompleks Perumahan Mojosari Jakarta.
            1 jam kemudian—tepatnya pada pukul setengah 6 sore. Aku, Fauzan, Renald, Harry, dan Reza segera berpamitan pada Kevin cs. dan bergegas kembali ke rumahku untuk berbuka puasa bersama. Sambil berjalan untuk kembali ke rumahku, kami berlima merasa bersyukur karena mempunyai teman baru di bulan puasa ini.
            “Hari ini adalah hari yang sangat menyenangkan!” ujarku girang sambil mengangkat kedua tanganku dan tersenyum lebar saking senangnya.
            “Puasa-puasa gini, sempet aja kamu merasa senang. Huffft.” Kesal Harry sambil memegang perutnya. Ternyata, ia merasa sangat lapar sekarang.
            Reza yang melihat kelakuan Harry itu langsung menggelengkan kepalanya.
            “Saga,” panggil Renald. “Rupanya, si Kevin cs. itu membentuk sebuah band, loh. Kalau tidak salah, nama bandnya adalah Mrs. X.”
            “Kenapa nama bandnya bukan Mrs.V aja? Lagipula, personil bandnya Kevin cs. ada 1 cewek tuh! Seksi lagi!”
            “Hush! Fauzan! Puasa-puasa gini, sempet aja kamu berpikiran jorok! Boleh itu!”
            “Loh?! Kok boleh, Harry?”
            “Eh! Maaf! Salah ngomong! Yang bener adalah tidak boleh. Maaf kalau aku salah ngomong tadi. Soalnya, aku laper banget nih! Sumpah!”
            “Aku juga laper, kurus! Namanya aja puasa!”
            Harry langsung memegang kepalanya. Mukanya berubah kesal karena Renald mendorong kepalanya tadi.
            “Sabar aja deh. Bentar lagi sampai ke tempat tujuan kok.”
            “BTW, temannya Kevin yang cewek tadi itu namanya Lanny ya?”
            “Oy! Fauzan!” kata Reza sambil mendorong kepala Fauzan hingga mengenai kepalaku. DUH! “Melanie mau kamu taruh di mana?”
            “Di hatiku!”
            “Udah loe jangan banyak gombal sama dia dah!” kesalku sambil mengelus kepalaku yang tadi mengenai kepala Fauzan karena ulah Reza.
            Renald langsung mengeluarkan kunci pagar rumahku dan segera membuka gemboknya. Saat pagar rumahku mulai terbuka sedikit, Harry langsung mendorongnya lebar-lebar dan bergegas masuk ke dalam rumahku. Dasar Harry yang tidak punya sopan santun!
            “Wa’alaikumsallam... Hi, 26 Floors! Cepatlah! Sebentar lagi buka puasa, loh!
            That’s my little sister’s voices! Her name is Sandra. Ada Saga, ada Sandra. LOL.
            Di ruang makan, ada Harry yang duduk manis di kursi ruang makan. Fauzan dan Reza langsung mengikuti. Sedangkan aku dan Renald langsung membantu Sandra dan ibuku yang sedang menyiapkan hidangan untuk buka puasa sebentar lagi. Setelah itu, kami berempat langsung duduk di kursi ruang makan. Adzan Maghrib mulai berkumandang. Inilah tiba waktunya untuk berbuka puasa. Selamat berbuka puasa, all! J
            Pukul 11 malam, Fauzan, Renald, Harry, dan Reza telah berpamitan untuk pulang ke rumah. Besok adalah hari pertama masuk sekolah di bulan puasa. Oleh karena itu, kami berlima membatalkan rencana untuk menginap di rumahku selama satu minggu. Meski satu jam per mata pelajaran yang biasanya 45 menit—namun selama bulan puasa berubah menjadi 35 menit, tetap saja aku merasa malas untuk masuk sekolah. Krr. Oh ya, besok adalah hari pertama Fauzan kembali menjadi murid SMA Wahidin Chandrawira 26 Jakarta juga, loh. Kemungkinan besar aku akan bersemangat masuk sekolah besok hanya karena menyambut kembalinya Fauzan. Yang lainnya..... NO WAY!
            Keesokan harinya, di SMA Wahidin Chandrawira 26 Jakarta. Aku berlari menuju ke ruang kelasku hingga terpeleset dan menabrak seorang laki-laki. Kami berdua terjatuh dan segera bangkit tanpa ada bantuan. Seperti apa yang kuharapkan, ternyata aku menabrak...
            “Hei, kalian! Kalau kalian punya perasaan yang sama, langsung nyatakan, dong! Daripada melakukan hal ‘ manggil-memanggil ’kayak gini. Berisik, tahu!”
            Aku dan Fauzan tertawa mendengar protes dari Harry tadi. Harry pun juga ikut tertawa.
            “Kau hebat, Saga.” puji Harry sambil mengelus kepalaku. “Kau tiba di sekolah tepat pada wak—“
            Bel tanda masuk sekolah mulai berbunyi. Wah, rupanya aku tiba di sekolah ±2 menit sebelum bel tanda masuk sekolah berbunyi. Guru agama Islamku, Pak Imam, datang lebih cepat dari biasanya.
            Setelah membaca do’a secara bersama-sama untuk memulai program belajar-mengajar, Pak Imam langsung tersenyum ketika melihat Fauzan. Maksudnya apa nih?
            Tiba-tiba, Bu Risma masuk ke kelas kami tanpa permisi terlebih dahulu. Tampak seorang perempuan berseragam SMA dan bertopi AFENDS berjalan mengikuti Bu Risma di belakang. Wah! Ada murid baru nih!
            “Anak-anak,” panggil Pak Imam pada kami. “Berhentilah membaca buku sejenak karena kelas kalian kedatangan murid baru hari ini.”
            “Anak baru,” panggil Pak Imam pada perempuan bertopi AFENDS itu. “Silahkan memperkenalkan diri terlebih dahulu, anak baru!”
            Aku mengabaikan hal tersebut. Aku sedang asyik dengan diriku sendiri sekarang, yaitu menggambar sesuatu di halaman belakang buku tulis agamaku. Tapi, aku sempat melihat sekilas ekspresi terkejut di raut wajah Fauzan, Renald, Harry, dan Reza. What’s wrong?
            Tak berapa lama, aku merasakan ada seseorang datang menghampiriku. Dia memutuskan untuk duduk di bangku kosong tepat di sampingku. Anehnya, ia memberikan topi AFENDS padaku! Huh?

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Taylor Momsen (According to LOOKLET Magazine)

ladies en gentlemen..
do u know this girl..
as "Jennu Humphrey" on "Gossip Girl"..
as a rockstar in Pretty Reckless..
my role model..
this is..

Taylor Momsen

This Gossip Girl star might have come off as sweet and innocent during first season but this year Taylor isn't fooling anyone. We've seen her transform together with her on-screen character from being “little J” to a full feathered fashion mogul and serious rock star. Bringing back some of that heroin chic, adding a big pile of lippgloss, a heavy dose of black eyeliner, expensive jewellery, little vintage slip dresses, worn leather jackets and curls to that platina hair, she pulls sexed up grunge and glam rock/ hippie chic like a pro, mind this little rocker is only 16 years old! Though we'd like to remind her that the fall from style icon to going Lindsay Lohan is thin as a hair, Pretty Reckless might not just be the name of her band!
DESIGNERS OF CHOICE: Chanel, Alexander Wang
PEOPLE OF CHOICE: Lindsay Lohan, Micsha Barton, Alexa Chung

We asked some of our talented stylists to put together a Taylor look:


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