Jumat, 06 Desember 2013


after a loooong time I've disappeared from blogger world, such as swallowing of the earth, finally I'm back! I actually went back a few weeks ago, but dunno why my blog becomes sucks to care and then I went back a few weeks later. it means today! :)
well, nothing's happened. I only live a typical day of being an invisible student ahahahahhaha life sucks ikr :p
and, I've got news about last November. I went to the 5th Indie Clothing Expo Surabaya with my friend and I found cute headband also t-shirt because it's about CATS! so, what do you think? :)

 photo mepretendingcat2_zpsd02f8b5c.jpg

if you love it, don't forget to visit my Lookbook.nu and HYPE this style! your hype means everything for me ;)
ugh. I gtg. it's too bad :( I should go bc study. it's my last year of high school and I should study hard for university :( wish me luck!!

Sabtu, 01 Juni 2013

Senin, 20 Mei 2013

Bhakti Alam at Purwosari!!

Me and my family got a good time to take a vacation together on the sidelines of a busy work day. We chose to go to the natural agrowisata Bhakti Alam at Purwosari. The place belongs to new places because it doesn't too crowded, but the place is so much FUN and I took some photos of the beautiful and funny moments there!!

 photo o-matic10_zps4e7485fa.jpg
Me and the ticket :) Whatta lovely ticket!!

 photo o-matic1_zpsa111907c.jpg  photo o-matic2_zpsaa7f8cd3.jpg
Me and my lovely sis took a ride by a little train lol!

 photo o-matic3_zpsc8c69bb6.jpg
My dad, me, and my lovely sis :D

 photo o-matic4_zps0d1ffb30.jpg  photo o-matic7_zpsb846ba13.jpg  photo o-matic8_zpsa95680de.jpg  photo o-matic5_zps9953322a.jpg  photo o-matic6_zps4d1df576.jpg  photo o-matic11_zpsd728be6e.jpg
Cute stuffs and an ICE CREAM!!

 photo o-matic9_zpsb068d9d3.jpg

 photo o-matic13_zps8e9951a9.jpg  photo o-matic12_zpsad527b71.jpg
Cute shoes and candid photo.

 photo o-matic14_zps01b671de.jpg
My lovely sis, me, my dad, and 2 members of The Power Rangers behind us (LOL!!!!!!!!!!)
No, I was kidding!
That was a candid photo actually, but I'd really love this photo because there were men were standing behind us wearing a helmet! 
Couldn't stop to LAUGH!

Jumat, 03 Mei 2013

Quote of the Day

" They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself."
- Andy Warhol

Quote of the Day

"The world as we have created it's a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking."
- Albert Einstein

Yesterday was...

I played drama at my school. It's called "Drama for us to us" LOL!
I played as Michelle, Wendy's the youngest sister. Well, you can answer it that I played drama was called "Peterpan" (because I wrote "Wendy" and you'll know where was Wendy). WHY MICHELLE?! 
Because the truth is (on movie) Wendy has 2 brothers and they're John and Michael. But, my team were 9 members.. 3 boys and 6 girls soooooooo.. we changed it that Wendy has 2 sisters and they're Jane and Michelle. HA! 
And I took some pictures before we hit the stage! Check 'em out!!
 photo DSC_0416_zps75d0728d.jpg photo DSC_0417_zps53e87f47.jpg
Michelle (me), Giselle, Peterpan, and Srikendi :) 

 photo DSC_0457_zps3ce1693c.jpg  photo DSC_0462_zpse0c8c5d1.jpg

 photo DSC_0465_zpse324ba39.jpg
Thanks to Ula for capturing all of this! :) 

 photo o-matic_zpscb6e4c05.jpg

Sabtu, 13 April 2013

Dio's Sweet 17th Birthday Party

                                            photo 1a12922ca36511e285d522000a9f3c76_7_large_zps238090c6.jpg  photo IMG_5599_zps8f0d6646.jpg  photo IMG_5600_zpse75eaa0b.jpg  photo IMG_5601_zps11a8abd2.jpg  photo IMG_5603_zps743c80df.jpg  photo IMG_5608_zpsc82f9abb.jpg  photo IMG_5609_zps10a8f914.jpg  photo IMG_5612_zps257e43e1.jpg  photo IMG_5616_zps58b81c3e.jpg  photo IMG_5617_zps8b0fee4b.jpg  photo IMG_5619_zpsb96dce13.jpg  photo IMG_5620_zpseaedcd83.jpg  photo IMG_5622_zps6173526a.jpg  photo IMG_5624_zps52b9ebb9.jpg  photo IMG_5626_zpsfff2658f.jpg  photo IMG_5625_zps7d846694.jpg  photo IMG_5628_zpsae87ea86.jpg  photo IMG_5632_zps8ccf5aa5.jpg  photo IMG_5633_zps6f1cd3d4.jpg  photo IMG_5634_zpsbc84efa8.jpg  photo IMG_5635_zpsc5e7b706.jpg

Sorry if there are a lot of pictures of me and Erika 'cause we just got bored after the party haha.
Have a nice day, everyone!! :)


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