Jumat, 27 Agustus 2010

Taylor Momsen (According to LOOKLET Magazine)

ladies en gentlemen..
do u know this girl..
as "Jennu Humphrey" on "Gossip Girl"..
as a rockstar in Pretty Reckless..
my role model..
this is..

Taylor Momsen

This Gossip Girl star might have come off as sweet and innocent during first season but this year Taylor isn't fooling anyone. We've seen her transform together with her on-screen character from being “little J” to a full feathered fashion mogul and serious rock star. Bringing back some of that heroin chic, adding a big pile of lippgloss, a heavy dose of black eyeliner, expensive jewellery, little vintage slip dresses, worn leather jackets and curls to that platina hair, she pulls sexed up grunge and glam rock/ hippie chic like a pro, mind this little rocker is only 16 years old! Though we'd like to remind her that the fall from style icon to going Lindsay Lohan is thin as a hair, Pretty Reckless might not just be the name of her band!
DESIGNERS OF CHOICE: Chanel, Alexander Wang
PEOPLE OF CHOICE: Lindsay Lohan, Micsha Barton, Alexa Chung

We asked some of our talented stylists to put together a Taylor look:

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