Rabu, 02 Februari 2011

Quote of the Day

Soooo.. Here I am..
After busy (I meant "study") 'cause this week held try outs at my school. And the lessons were Indonesian language, English, and mathematics. And the sciences, will be held day after tomorrow. So, this afternoon was a quiet day and a relief. Fiuuuuh :D
And what is the meant of that photo. Haha. I'm playing that game right now. So, ssssst.. I'm busy again!! Busy to playing, not studying :D But, I'm so thank you 'cause this game was MISSION COMPLETED!!
Well well well (Am I Duffy??)..

Quote this day is..

"They will not be easy to leave, but they will let you go because of busy among us. But doesn't mean that will make you feel lonely. However, they're trying to help forget the feeling of our loneliness."
- Rida Nabilah


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