Rabu, 04 Mei 2011

Free from NATIONAL EXAM, Prepare something for TOMORROW

Finally, end school exams as well. And tomorrow is a very important day for my life. Yup, Frista Oxavia anniversary of the 15 th! The plan is that I make with Nuke and my friends the other? Sorry, it's a secret! LOL.
Hopefully tomorrow to Frista Oxavia surprise to run smoothly :)

By the way, this picture is the photographs for documentation purposes of school before graduating and leaving this beloved school. Oh school, already 3 years we were together.. But I won't forget you as fast as 3 years of this..

With a birthday girl (tomorrow, on Thursday, May 5th 2011) :)

Me, Nuke, Mustika, and Diana Bee :)

Say hi to "Inneke"!! :D

Me and my best friend (he differents than other my best friends because he's a boy!!) :D

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