Sabtu, 13 April 2013

Sweet 17th!!

Sorry if I was missing for a long long long long so loooong time!! I was busy, guys! Hope you understand *winks*
So, are you guys still remember that my birthday is on last March 20th? well, finally I celebrated my 17th years old and it's so OFFICIAL! :p
I celebrated with my best friends, family, and my cat *lol*
I was single and still be a single.. :D
I'll share my photos when I celebrated it with my best friends. I got suprised by them and it was night! Awwww~ love that moment so much!
I got 4 cakes and I ate it with all of the people around me hehe. I got 4 cakes from..
first.. my grandma!
second.. Ayunda, Pungky, Nisyo!
third.. my lovely team! Destu, Dio, Intan, Dhea, Indah, Yuli!
fourth.. Eka, Bagus, Faisul, Nisyo (again)!
WHATTA LOVELY DAY! wish I can turn back time :(
 photo IMG00142-20130320-2049_zps84675394.jpg  photo IMG00146-20130320-2055_zps0da82d9b.jpg  photo IMG00147-20130320-2056_zps003388b7.jpg  photo IMG00148-20130320-2056_zps1df1205c.jpg  photo IMG00149-20130320-2058_zpsa97f97b1.jpg  photo IMG00150-20130320-2100_zps79909b1e.jpg
If you watch my cake very detail, surely you'll ask why the 'L' on this cake is truncated. Yessss.. because I was hungry and really want to eat the first bite! My friends asked me to capture it before I eat it lol!!
Ohhhh.. thank you so mu(a)ch for all of this!! I LOVE YOU ALL!

Now.. what presents I got on my birthday yesterday?
I got key chains, money, bags, and a snapback! HOW WONDERFUL! 

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