Jumat, 06 Desember 2013


after a loooong time I've disappeared from blogger world, such as swallowing of the earth, finally I'm back! I actually went back a few weeks ago, but dunno why my blog becomes sucks to care and then I went back a few weeks later. it means today! :)
well, nothing's happened. I only live a typical day of being an invisible student ahahahahhaha life sucks ikr :p
and, I've got news about last November. I went to the 5th Indie Clothing Expo Surabaya with my friend and I found cute headband also t-shirt because it's about CATS! so, what do you think? :)

 photo mepretendingcat2_zpsd02f8b5c.jpg

if you love it, don't forget to visit my Lookbook.nu and HYPE this style! your hype means everything for me ;)
ugh. I gtg. it's too bad :( I should go bc study. it's my last year of high school and I should study hard for university :( wish me luck!!

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