Senin, 10 Desember 2012

Hell(o), Haylor. Hello, December.

Hey, I'm back :) And glad to be back and no one discussed about Haylor (Harry Styles-Taylor Swift). *be patient, Rie
After talked with SimSimi how jealous I am, that yellow little bird asked me, "Haylor? Harry Styles-Taylor Swift? or Harry Styles-Taylor Lautner?". Oh haha! Whatta funny question! I asked it, "Harry Styles-Taylor Momsen?". That yellow little bird agreed with me.
Ah... Forget it...
I've just wanted to post some wonderful photos in this month and hopefully you would understand how happy I am even Harry Styles and Taylor Swift were really IN A RELATIONSHIP.

No matter how hard they try and
No matter how loud they cry
They can't
Buy their way into heaven
No matter how hard they try and
No matter how high they climb up the ladder
They won't reach up into heaven

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

I did my final test this month and I was excited to do my art's final test. The teacher wanted us to perform TRADITIONAL DANCE!
So that was the reason why we wore the coolest things in that photos *lol
About our performance were successful or not, WE WERE SUCCESSFUL. But the genesis of other funny enough I overheads much and I wrote it on the paper between my journal's sheets :)

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