Jumat, 23 Maret 2012

16 means EVERYTHING!

I'll never forget everything about last Tuesday!!!!
Yup! That was my birthday! I'm 16th years old now. There are many things I want to change and repair it. My parents and my friends told me if I should be such a good girl. Everything is gonna be change in my future if I want to be a good girl!
Oh well.. I still hope if I can make my parents proud of me, but.. I still don't know about "did-I-make-my-parents-proud-of-me-on-my-life-in-this-world-for-15-years-?".
On last Tuesday, I got many surprise from everyone arounds me. Awwww.. Thank you so much for you all!!!! I love youuuu!!!! :*
  1. My friend posted something on my back when it was English lesson at my school. I just realized when I came out to the class and some of my friends laughed it. Uh-oh! It was a shame! In fact, the text read "THE MONEY SUPRISED". *the money suprised = uang kaget
  2. I got the cutest Teddy Bear doll and a CD from my boyfriend *I'm not single anymore since Valentine's Day. sorry if I didn't tell you before hehe. That CD contained a video that really romantic! If you were me, surely you will feel LOVE HIM SO MUCH after you watched that video. Awwwwwwwwwww~
  3. I got two T-Shirts with the funniest animation from my two best friends (and one of them I always call "my twins" because she looks like my twins). Thank youuuuuu!!
  4. I gave a chocolate cupcake to all of my classmates. They said thank you to me. Some of them said if one it doesn't enough, it should one persone got two cupcakes.. not one cupcake. *sorry guys, I didn't have enough money to buy many cupcakes on my birthday
  5. I got this from We Start Partys (the band from England). Thank youuuuu!!!! Especially Ben Hawthore, the guitarist also the vocalist of We Start Partys, who made this photo :)

Haha. I think I was too excited so I made the words "don't steal this picture, please!" on that photo. Also I used that photo as a wallpaper on my handphone :D

Btw, don't forget to always check We Start Party's Facebook Page! Click here.
And their new music video will be come soon with their new hit song "Meet Me On The Dance Floor". Want to hear their new hit song? Click here! ;)
Trust me, they are so friendly and their music were A-W-E-S-O-M-E! You'll never feel GALAU if you always hear their songs. Just download all of their songs on iTunes or watch their music videos such as "Seasons", "Make Tonight", and "All We've Got" on Channel [V] :D

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