Jumat, 16 Maret 2012

Ash Stymest?! Uyeeeeeeeeee!

Here I am..
After went to the real world in the long time because I get many many many many homeworks everytime, finally I can post this!

I was googling about the cutest guy from England. 
He's Ash Stymest
He's 20 years old, he had the best accents when he speaks, and he had talent on modeling! I looked some of his photos when he was posing for Eleven Paris, FIASCO Magazine, Zara Young-Spring Collection, SOPOPULAR Spring Collection, and many more! :) 
If you don't believe it, check this photo, pleaseeee..


And this is his exclusive video photoshoots with Zoe Kravitz for Eleven Paris Spring/Summer 11 last year. hehe.

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