Selasa, 27 Maret 2012

BOOTS!!!!!! *I'm being crazy because of this thing

Boots hasn't equipped my shoes's cupboard! I can't stand when I saw people using boots! Be patient, Rie... Be patient, Rie.. -__-
So, I found this photo on when I searched "boots for woman" on Just see how cool the boots for ladies's style! :)

That boots were called "Over-knee boots". So awesome!
You'll need over-knee boots with black color, because it will be match with everything dress what do you have. These soes will still look "stylish" even though the clothes you wear brightly color. *fashion tips

And here's the boots are highly favored by teenage girls right now! Yuuuup.. Doc Martens boots series! With a vary greatly in colour, can conjure up the style of thy garments be more perfect. Two thumbs up! ;)

*bingung cara pake sepatunya
*berpikir bahwa sepatunya Lady Gaga kalah tinggi dengan sepatu ini :p

Loh eeeeh.. Kok..
Louis Tomlinson?!
1/5 of One Direction?!
Hey! We are talking about boots, not him!
Buuuut.. I just fall in love with his smile, well.. let's check some of his styles! :D *lol

Auch.. Lovely!

Oh well.. If you wannabe his girlfriend, just put this style. I found this on
*maybe you can call me "Google geek" because I always get all of the photos in there. hehe.

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